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Life Struggles

Sitting down with recording artist Jahny Wallz as he prepares to release his first ever official music video for his song “Life Struggles” in anticipation of his tour to support his newly released EP Life Lessons, Vol. 2, Jahny comes alive as he discusses the song inspired by his own life struggles.

Filming the video struck a personal chord in him as he returned to Los Angeles, CA to relive sweet and bitter moments, in an effort to authentically tell his story. The song is based on the challenges that Jahny faced as a college graduate trying to make it in the city.

Jahny was taught to work hard but he discovered that the odds were stacked against him. In order to make real change and progress, he had to take time to experience the real world and learn the system. “If you want to fight injustice, you've got to educate yourself. If you learn to work with the system you can be successful and lead by example.”

Jahny believes in taking the positive out of the negative. “Overcoming things has made me strong. I see what I've been through but then I look around and see that everybody is going through something traumatic in every stage of the wealth pyramid. Ignorance has no color preference. Everybody is hurting. Eliminate the ignorance and let the music sooth your soul.”

Jahny hopes to connect with others who have life struggles and have the same influence on his audience as his role models, Santana and Bob Marley. He admires that Santana's music has a wide appeal that connects with many different people and promotes one love. He appreciates that the lyrics of Bob Marley are timeless. Marley made bold statements and was clear in his message that people need to wake up, use a little common sense, and not take

advantage of others. Bob Marley brought his country together through music. Jahny hopes his music will help people understand one another thru universal grooves and meaningful lyrics. “We all have life struggles... at the end of the day we are one.”

Stay tuned as Jahny continues to tell his story through his music. Check out his tour dates, Life Lessons, Vol. 2 EP, and stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.

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